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happy-woman-using-computerRight off the bat, the low-hanging fruit is going to include optimizing your website to enable it to give the BEST results in the search engine results pages (SERPs) before anything else. If you’re not particularly curious, then this sentence is probably all you need to see: We do onsite search engine optimization to get your site in proper shape to get all the Google love that it can!

If you need more information or convincing, keep on reading. Onsite optimizing include several angles.


First and foremost, making sure that your site actually includes the words / keywords that you want to be found FOR. Yes. It happens. We get sites to look at that just can’t figure out why they’re not being found – and look at their site and they glaringly omit actually PUTTING the keywords anywhere on their page. Believe it or not. Or using industry vernacular which means nothing to the average Joe out there looking for it in a search engine. Read more Lizardwebs SEO Raleigh!